Lluís Garriga


Lluís Garriga

Lluis Garriga i Felip. El Masnou (Barcelona) 1963.

Born into a family with artistic concerns, since very young starts to amaze and be noted for his innate ability to capture reality in his drawings. So much, that is rewarded on several occasions during this first phase of his life.

From here starts a pathway that will lead him to master with precision the various painting techniques, and to know in depth the different artistic flows, with a special predilection for abstract expressionism developed by authors such as Barceló, Pollock, Kline and Tàpies.

His training is not very conventional as he has combined academic training in centres such as Da Vinci (Barcelona), with master classes with professionals that he has believed to be the best way to acquire the most suitable specific knowledge that he knows he needs.


The artístic works of Luis Garriga are his way of expressing the essential emotions that the world impregnates his soul.

His artistic works reflect his admiration for nature and are shown in his works of a great format and takes those who admire them to feel the unattainable complexity of our universe.

His works open the door to the Mystery. To all that that is indescribable, to the essence, to the first moment when everything is put in motion.

One of his main obsessions is the use of materials that he has collected from all over the world. All these materials have 3 things in common : authenticity, quality and purity. These elements are basic when it is time to work , in a physical and organic way, and help him to adapt the emotions and the contents to his work.

In the last two years his artistic production has been very prolific, with more than two hundred works. He has started positioning himself as an artist of a very great projection, with exhibitions in Spain, Canada (Vancouver) and France. He is well known even further, all around the world, thanks to to the use of new tecnologies that have help him to spread his work.